It is not surprising to know that according to Ex-Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh India needs more toilets than temples. In a country where 1.5 million children die every year due to inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene and where about 700 million people do not have access to safe and hygienic toilets; it is imperative to think about provision of sanitary facilities before embarking on a wedding function, exhibition, conference or religious congregation. The sanitation and hygienic facilities will help to meet the U.N. Millennium Goal of reducing the number of children’s death to half by 2015. Reiterating this point our esteemed Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech urged parliamentarians and the corporate sector to help build separate toilets for girls in schools across the country by next year. “I want to start one work from today. There should be a toilet in all the schools of our country. A separate toilet for girls…it is only then our girls will not have to quit schools”.

According to the Chairman of the UN Secretary General's advisory board on water and sanitation, Prince of Netherlands, Willem Alexander, “'Relieving yourself in hazardous places means risking everything from urological disease to harassment and rape. Many examples show that self-esteem begins with having a safe and proper toilet facility.' 'Everyone has a right to sanitation”. Keeping in mind these aspects Superloo, a Division of Bhutani International has introduced clean and hygienic toilets for indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Ashok Bhutani Chairman of Bhutani international and Superloo, an ISO 9001:2000 Company is a great thinker and has broad visions which have enabled him to introduce many innovative products in India in the field of sanitation and hygiene in hospitality and service sector. According to Mr. Bhutani, “Right from the very first day of our establishment, we have been successfully engaged in offering an innovative array of products for outdoor events. We have become the first and foremost choice of our consumers because of our ethical business policies, unmatched quality range, state- of- the- art manufacturing unit and timely delivery of consignments”. Under the leadership of Mr. Bhutani, the company is thriving across the length and breadth of the country.

These toilets meet quality standards at fairly reasonable prices which enable them to meet the customer’s expectations. Time and again Superloo has endeavored to meet its three ‘R’s which are reliability, renewability and reasonability. The portable toilet solutions the company proposes are fresh water flush toilet systems in which a special chemical is used which prevents bacteria formation and foul smell when in use. These toilets are easy to install and maintain, are reliable and durable, customizable and portable. Be it exhibitions, mela (fairs), construction sites, wedding functions, Business events, sports events, embassies, political meetings/gatherings, conferences or religious gatherings Superloo is one-stop solution for all places and occasions.

The company owns a fleet of trucks for rapid transportation of all portable products and equipments required for installation at client’s site. Moreover, the products have been manufactured with state of the art technology and excellent quality raw material. As a result of all these features , Superloo has been able to retain its credibility amongst its competitors.

The toilet has probably been the butt of jokes ever since it was invented. Nevertheless, toilet is an integral part of the human hygiene which cannot be ignored. It is a critical link between order and disorder. Imagine what a city like Los Angeles or New York would be like if everyone went about their "business" wherever they pleased. So, if you are now planning to throw a wedding party or organize a business conference or for that matter invite people for a religious affair, there is no need to worry. Superloo will ensure that all the sanitation and hygiene requirements are well taken care of and your guests will simply be bowled over by our incontrovertibly unmatched arrangements made just for them.


Portable toilets in exhibitions and melas: In exhibitions and melas there is a high possibility that improper sanitation facilities could result in outbreak of an epidemic. So, it is better to install portable toilets in such places to avoid any such menace.

Portable toilets in construction industry: In these industries labour’s health regulations and adherence to environmental norms are a big challenge. Since in India there is a large number of projects; it is important to have portable toilets in the vicinity of a construction site to prevent any health hazard.

Portable toilets in conferences or conventions: If one cannot provide a proper hygienic environment in conferences, the inconvenience caused to the delegates and others can be easily imagined. It’s adverse impact on the organizers would be really devastating. So, before the reputation of such esteemed planners is at stake it is imperative to provide portable toilets in such zones.

Portable toilets in religious gatherings: In religious congregations, often the installation of portable toilets is the last priority of the organizers. How can the deity you pray be happy with you if you compromise on cleanliness. After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness.

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Our Products have been widely acclaimed for its utility in a wide range of outdoor and indoor functions. Now you don't have to compromise with unhygienic arrangements for your function. No waste expense of constructing temporary toilets. No more complaining and unhappy clients, customers or guests. Your guests / customers / clients or participants get good quality service with SuperLoo. It will leave a good impression about your standard and health consciousness. SuperLoo is an absolute essential of any public event.

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