Super Portable Rotational TV

Portable rotational TV is a revolutionary concept – one that takes the experience of screening to a whole new level. As a new technology, it is experimental but fast gaining ground in a variety of applications.

The most important feature of this radical technology is the fact that the TV can be rotated as per viewers’ choices. You now watch TV from any angle, and receive the same viewing experience as the persons nearer to the event. Inbuilt speakers of exceptional quality provide a versatile 3D sound effect that creates phenomenal sound experience. The highlight of the portable rotational TV in India is the flexibility it offers in terms of movement. You can swivel it, turn it around to adjust heights and angles and ensure a 360 degree view.

Portable rotational TVs can be mounted on panels or walls directly to make them more stable. Many a times, dividers are used to ensure that the TV can be viewed from both sides. As such, the positioning of the rotational TV is very important.

In terms of its applications, from a large stage to a grand event, it can be hosted anywhere for viewers to witness events as they happen. Outdoor events of various kinds in public or private spaces, exhibitions and concerts enhance viewership by using portable TV.

Portable Rotational TV

    Salient Features

  • Portable rotational tv, a unique concept for screening, a new technology
  • Display can be viewed from any angle
  • Inbuilt speakers for 3d sound effect
  • Portable with wheels for ease in access
  • Dimension: 2036(h) x 1466 (dia) in mm
  • Applications:
  • Outdoor/indoor events
  • Public areas
  • Advertisement campaign
  • Exhibitions
  • Stage shows/concerts
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