Misting Fans

A misting fan is a pleasant outdoor accessory, especially in the summer months. Suitable for a large outdoor event, it is capable of bringing the temperatures down within a few minutes of its operations. It increases the humidity levels in the air, thereby making it moist and bringing down the dryness. It is known for its ‘freshness effect’.

Scientifically, a misting fan works on the technology of evaporative cooling. . Mist fan in India is a comparatively new technology and one that is fast gaining ground. It can be used in stadiums, large halls and indoors on terraces, patios or backyards. With cool misting fans, you don’t need to worry about spending huge amounts of money on central air conditioning, limiting to staying indoors for most part of the day or spending half your precious time in filling up water.

Our pipeline misting system Pipeline Misting Fan: Super Misting fan has a pressure pipeline with 2500 lbs. A heavy duty compressor works to create dense mist and effectively reduces the temperature.

Another best-seller is the stainless steel with a 24” oscillating fan. It has a 70 liter water drum, 4 high pressure nozzles, is made of stainless steel body. The one year warranty ensures that you remain tension-free when purchasing this misting fan.

Simple to set-up, they do not require any special equipment nor consume very high power. Their strongly built-in water pumps are highly effective and provide optimum coolness. Users can also choose to opt for perfumed water to give a pleasant fragrance. An efficient and productive device, you can not only buy but also rent mist fans for short periods.

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  • Pipeline Misting Systems
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