Portable men's urinals

Men' s urinal for six persons
Mens urinal for six persons

When it comes to high-efficiency, low maintenance, durability and dependability there is no better substitute for Superloo. The Superloo men’s urinal for six persons has a privacy barrier between it and the other one, so that if you’re standing there, there is no way someone could look over at you. Having a capacity for 1400 users, the men’s urinal require low cost maintenance and odour-free environment as a special chemical is used to keep away the odour. The primary aim is to keep the surroundings clean and Superloo can be the means to fulfill this aim. With a tank volume of 265 litres, the need for rapid cleaning cost gets minimized. The heat resistance walls provide a cozy interior which means even for a short period your guests won’t feel uncomfortable. The dimensions of the men’s urinal includes length 761/4” (2936 mm), Depth 185/16" (965 mm), Height 39 1/8" (998 mm),Weight 80 lbs (36.3 kg), Privacy Screen Weight 80lbs (each), Outer dimensions 7x7x8 feet approximately. The provision of a transparent roof ensures enough visibility in the urinal area.


  • Special Chemical is used to keep away odour
  • Capacity 1400 users
  • Tank Volume 70 gallons (265 ltrs)
  • lengths 761/4" (2936 mm)
  • Depth 185/16" (965 mm)
  • Height 39 1/8" (998 mm)
  • Weight 80 lbs (36.3 kg)
  • Privacy Screen Weight 80lbs (each
  • Heat Resistance walls to ensure coll and cosy interior
  • Outer diemensions 7x7x8 feets Approximate
  • Transparent Roof
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