Terrace and Patio Heaters

Stainless Steel / Copper Heater

Terrace and Patio heaters are fast becoming a common sight at weddings, birthday parties, BBQs and even for home use. Given their stylish and sleek design, they not only serve the purpose of keeping the area warm, but also ensure great comfort.

The heaters are available in steel and copper, with optional accessories to enhance their design and utility. These include wheels, SS table and covers for easy movement, enhancing looks and long-lasting-protection.

Patio Heaters in India are not only for sale but also available on rent. They are easy to install in corners, or middle of the rooms to make them most effective. Heating temperatures can be adjusted to suit the needs of people present. Without over-drying the environment, they provide just the right amount of warmth. One needn’t be worried about dehydration, or any kind of discomfort with these technologically advanced heating options. Portable and adjustable levels features ensure they’re functional. Made from solid anti-corrosive materials, they guarantee a performance that matches no other heater.