Portable Toilet Solutions

Superloo Star

One of our most popular products, the Superloo Star is a one piece bowl and seat made from automotive grade polyurethane. A highly durable product, it has a separate fresh water flush system. For enhanced services, a wash basin is linked directly to the effluent tank. The ventilation pipe ensures an odor free atmosphere whereas the heat resistant walls provide cool and cosy interiors. Portable toilets like these have become a vital and comfortable part of a variety of camper accessories.

Superloo star toilet


  • One piece bowl and seat made from auto motive grade polyurethene
  • Stainless steel hand wash basin pump with verticle action
  • Seprate fresh water flush system
  • stainle steel presser jet
  • Pressure merlin jet pump
  • Effluent tank capacity 425 liter aprpoximate
  • fresh water tank capacity 130 liter approximate
  • wash basins waste water drains to directly effluent tank
  • Ventilation pipe to esure odor free atmosphere
  • Skid resistant floor
  • Hand wash basin with soap holder.
  • Drain Plug for fresh water tank.
  • Sink Plug and chain for wash basin.
  • Strong and heavy in built hooks to carry it to roof tops.
  • Heat resistant walls to ensure cool and cosy interiors.
  • Outer dimensions 4’x 4’x 8’ approximate.
  • We have found the toilets to be of high quality and the team at Superloo to be very professional.Chandan Pandey, SMCC Constructions
  • The service from Superloo has always been very reliable. The friendly staff is knowledgeable, and they help make your event a success.Akul Pandey, Showtime Events
  • Superloo Thank you so much for providing us with the quality service and equipment that was demanded. I look forward to work with you again. Santosh, L&T ECC
  • Superloo provides Scoop Brand Holdings with the highest level of service. Our scheduling needs are always met and we never have to worry with superloo on our jobs. I would recommend them to anyone considering their services. Priyank Verma, Scoop Brand Holdings